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I am a painter and printmaker working Chris Hensherin watercolour, oils and print media from a studio at my home on the North Downs on the southern outskirts of London.

My work has been shown at national exhibitions by various organisations including The Royal Watercolour Society. Various items are available from on-line galleries but a fuller selection of my paintings, drawings and prints can be viewed in the image gallery. All those with a price shown are available for purchase. Please use the Contact page for purchase or commission enquiries.

My subject matter tends to involve people, both in situations and as portraits, but I also enjoy landscape work including particularly en plein air painting and sketching.

I make my etchings and drypoints in the workshop at The Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea which has an access facility for printmakers. It is here that I have also studied drawing and portrait painting. Heatherleys Established in 1845, Heatherley's is one of the only art schools to have maintained a commitment to teaching the essential skills sadly disregarded in recent years by too many institutions.

In my studio, I am fortunate to have the use of an American 'Globe' offset lithographic press Globe press (50 x 40 cm bed) purchased from the London College of Printing. It was on this press that my late wife, the painter and printmaker Carole Hensher RE, produced many of her smaller pieces of work. I now handle the sales and administration of her legacy of prints and paintings. Persons wishing to purchase or discuss the use of Carole's work should get in touch through this site or hers.

Bore Place HouseI am an active member of Bore Place Painters, an organisation of artists who regularly work together at Bore Place in Kent. I am also a member of the Selsdon Art Group. Bore Place workshops

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